Saturday, August 28, 2010

I dont wanna go home...CAN or NOT... :p

Do you know this place is?

Can you guess??


Actually this is Cameron Highland tea plantation la..

I love very much this place. It was a great place to visited because of fresh air and peaceful..Its like if you sleep and you dont even know if the bomb is explode. WAHAHA...Then you know why i dont wanna go home. Plus...the eye-soothing greenery of the tea plantation makes me feel very calm and at the same time I feel very lucky to see the natural beauty that hard to describe in words.
So if you have time go to visit this place…ok..=).

Related to tea plantation, I want to share some TIPS about tea,

TIPS 1:After a day of working, you may feel very tired right??  especially your feet. So, you can just soak your feet in the basin filled with cold tea for 15 minutes. This can be used to relieved tired feet and reduce unpleasant feet odor.

TIPS 2: Tea can be used as refreshing properties especially for the eyes. To refreshing your eyes, do not throw the tea bag which has been used and cool it in the refrigerator. Then place it on the eyes for 10-to15 minutes.

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