Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Looks delicious right…. 
Actually I want to share this recipe to you all…this recipe I called it as frutta milk drinks    
This is very delicious and the simplest drinks I ever made.. Plus it so healthier thus it very good for someone who are on diet…and the special about this drinks you can change the type of fruits whatever you like it so you don’t get bored with it even though you drink it every day…so you can try it at home…
I guaranteed you all will LOVED it….Hihi....    

(Approximately for 4 persons)
2  Mango
2  Dragon fruit
3  Kiwi
1 litre Strawberry milk, cooled
How to make:
1.      Kiwi cut into slices,Mango and Dragon fruit cut into chunks and put it into the glasses
2.      Pour the strawberry milk into glasses and stir it.
3.      Your delicious frutta milk drinks is ready to serve.

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